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Perspectives on Art & Technology…

About ‘The Sill’ podcast…

With Peter Noce & Harry Posner, exploring the varied intersections between art and technology.

Harry, lives in Caledon and is Dufferin County’s first Poet Laureate. Peter lives in Orangeville and is an AV media producer and computer ‘technology’ trainer, tutor, and trouble shooter.

We are a couple of baby boomers that grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada, graduated University, with neither of us ultimately pursuing our respective field of studies. Together, we share our interests and passions with you, on ‘The Sill’.

The original concept of our podcast was to bridge and/or explore areas relating to, but not necessarily limited to, Art and Technology.

Neither of us are experts, nor profess to be. Our challenge with each podcast is to bring a unique perspective to the topic at hand. We are on the same level as the listener, offering up ideas and thoughts that come from our life experiences, inviting listeners to eavesdrop on what we hope is an enjoyable and interesting dialogue.


The reality of podcasting is a bit more complicated than talking into a microphone. Taking an initial idea to a finished product, entails a variety of considerations, from topics to technical requirements to content delivery.