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Available on Sunday, November 21/21

TSP164 – PH Factor: Future Unknown – Us, post Covid.

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TSP163 – The Undefinable Spirit: John Arnone – Us and Them: Canada, Canadians and The Beatles

Just when you think there’s nothing more to know or learn about The Beatles, a Canadian born writer, whose life-long passion with the band and their music ventures to explore it from his own national connection. The result is a story about the fab four, profound in its purely Canadian perspective.

TSP162 – Planetary Postcards: Ansgar Bittermann – Brainstorming in Berlin.

Journey to Berlin through the eyes of an AI developer and psychotherapist. Berlin resident Ansgar Bittermann shares his thoughts and feelings about this highly cosmopolitan city steeped in history and culture that spans millennia.

TSP161 – PH Factor: Corroding Connections – Are we heading into a societal meltdown?

Perhaps even more important than the physical challenge of Covid-19 is the impact brought on by the increasing divisiveness evident in communities, small and large. Do we have enough energy and goodwill left to avoid the potential for a social Chernobyl?

TSP160 – PH Factor: Where Do I End And You Begin? – My body, your health.

Where do my individual rights end, and your public rights begin? The crux of this moral and societal dilemma revolves around agreeing on a satisfactory answer to this question, which may affect the way we understand ‘the common good’ for the foreseeable future.

TSP159 – PH Factor: We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place – Breaking out.

Reaching escape velocity, or breaking out of self, requires intention, energy and direction. There are a multitude of options that may help get us there, as many options as there are individuals. Executing the breakout may be difficult, though potentially life-saving.

TSP158 – PH Factor: Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog – What brings you joy?

Our quest for joy has taken on a whole different dimension during this time of Covid. A conversation exploring the many possible roads leading to euphoric epiphanies, which will hopefully help to rejuvenate our depleted spirits.

TSP157 – PH Factor: Citizen Engaged – Challenging the status quo.

Co-host Harry Posner shares his motivation and experience from a recent World Freedom rally and march held in Toronto on July 24, 2021. Challenged by co-host Peter Noce to elaborate, the conversation spirals outward to include the many varied layers embedded in, and as a result of, the Covid crisis.

TSP156 – Planetary Postcards: Bongiwe Dlamini – Eswatini in Africa

In this episode the hosts shine a light on the tiny Kingdom of Eswatini (the former Swaziland) in Southern Africa. Artist, musician, activist, Bongiwe Dlamini shares her views, both personal and political, on the challenges of growing up and living in one of the few remaining absolute monarchies on the African continent.

TSP155 – PH factor: Walls of Bias – Blinding Truth

We are all biased in one way or another. The question is, are we aware of how biased we are and do we need to do anything about it? This conversation is an attempt to explore and dismantle the walls of bias in pursuit of a better solution.

TSP154 – PH factor: Year 5 Begins – A Fond Retrospective

July 10, 2017, marks the beginning of The Sill’s 5th year. With 154 episodes in the can, the audio journey continues to surprise and captivate the imagination, through the art of conversation. The hosts reminisce about favourite episodes and the story’s behind them, as well as share their personal trajectories over the past 4 years.

TSP153 – Planetary Postcards: Pietro Noce – Bed & Bike in Southern Italy.

Pietro Noce, first cousin of co-host Peter Noce is the proprietor B & B “La Meridiana” – Bed & Bike in Celico, Calabria. In this first foray into globetrotting, The Sill connects us to the cultural life and realities of living in and running a business in a small southern Italian town.

TSP152 – The Undefinable Spirit: Kimberly Van Ryn – The compassionate heart.

Kimberly Van Ryn, founder of Branching Out Support Services in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, shares her lifelong passion for helping those less fortunate. Utilizing life lessons from overcoming her own addictions, she brings a unique enthusiasm and humility to the task of supporting the neuro-diverse in the community, emphasizing at the same time the importance of “breathing into the heart”.

TSP151 – PH Factor: Who’s in charge? Who do you trust?

Are we experiencing a fundamental failure in leadership during this time of Covid? Just as leaders have been judging their populations willingness to comply, we the people have been assessing their level of competence and integrity. Realizing that leaders have been, and are still facing into what is a no-win situation, it’s important to acknowledge the complexities and the profound challenges facing decision makers at every level of society.

TSP150 – The Undefinable Spirit: Andrew Welch – ‘Our Second Chance’, part 2 of 3 – A New Dawning.

In part 3 of a 3 part interview, Andrew Welch joins us in our studio, to talk about the shape of things to come. A new dawning would include radical notions such as alternative currencies (demurrage), new approaches to the electoral process, and reexamining the whole idea of ownership.

TSP149 – The Undefinable Spirit: Andrew Welch – ‘Our Second Chance’, part 2 of 3 – The Gift Economy.

In part 2 of a 3 part interview, Andrew returns to uncover the true meaning of a ‘Gift Economy’ and its practical applications to our society. Surprisingly, a society based on a qualitative gift economy, may be the critical next step in our evolution.

TSP148 – The Undefinable Spirit: Andrew Welch – ‘Our Second Chance’, part 1 of 3 – Universal Basic Income.

In part 1 of a 3 part interview, we revisit Andrew’s his first book, The Value Crisis and explore the soon to be published sequel – Our Second Chance, focusing on universal basic income (UBI), as one example how of a shift in our value system can produce a profound change in the way our society operates.

TSP147 – The Undefinable Spirit: Getting casually baked with Johanna Nuding.

Storyteller and experiential marketing maven Johanna Nuding, enlightens us about the cannabis lifestyle and wellness. Her edutainment ‘potcast’, Casually Baked, explores the medicinal and responsible sides of cannabis and its enhancement of everyday experiences. Her commitment to educating the public is inspiring.

TSP146 – Time Trek: Exiting The Cave – The quest for self awareness.

From the great religions to modern psychology, the journey towards self awareness and self improvement has been an integral part of human evolution. This has all been accentuated and accelerated by the strains and stresses produced by the Covid pandemic, personally and societally. Ultimately, the greater good requires both the realization and actualization of the self.

TSP145 PH Factor: What’s The Bottom Line? – Conclusion vs Inclusion.

Our approach to dealing with the complexities of the modern world is profoundly affected by our decision to take a conclusionary or inclusionary attitude. From our dealings with Covid to child rearing to friendships and spousal relationships, the choice between inclusion and conclusion can make a ‘world’ of difference and a different world.

TSP144 – Time Trek: Pinocchio – A tale of two puppets.

The relevance of this world renowned, classic children’s story about the transformation of a marionette, points to the fictionalized culture that we live in, in which we choose the stories that agree with our worldview. A look at two versions of Pinocchio, the original published in 1883 and the Disney film version of 1940, reveals the malleable nature of storytelling

TSP143 – The Undefinable Spirit: Ricky Schaede – Engaging the ethereal.

Dedicated Orangeville, Ontario painter/writer Ricky Schaede is a great example of how to creatively carve out a life as a professional artist. Inspired by spiritual experiences on a trip to Guatemala, Ricky has devoted bis young life to fostering the creative process through the teaching and making of art.

TSP143 Trailer

TSP142 – PH Factor: Business ‘Not as usual’.

Two lockdowns within a year have posed near insurmountable challenges to ‘business as usual’, forcing business owners and entrepreneurs to seek out creative ways of remaining commercially viable. Our conversation includes Tattoo artist and illustrator/author Jayme of Fabled North Tattoo Inc., who shares her broadening perspective in the face of lockdowns imposed due to Covid.

TSP142 Trailer

TSP141 – Time Trek: Hindsight is 2020.

Beyond the obvious stresses and suffering brought on by Covid, 2020 has been a year of significant change. In this episode we review the past 12 months, discussing and highlighting some memorable audio clips from some of the 26 episodes we recorded throughout the year, including exchanges with 8 different guests on ‘The Sill’ podcast.

TSP141 Trailer

TSP140 – PH Factor: Silver Linings – The bright side of Covid.

In this year of trials and tribulations, of viruses and lockdowns, the resiliency of people across the planet has been nothing short of inspirational. As we navigate forward, maintaining a positive attitude is proving to be an instrumental coping mechanism. We share our views and those of some our listeners.

TSP140 Trailer

TSP139 – The Undefinable Spirit: Lest We Forget – With historian/writer Hugh Brewster.

Writer/historian/theatre artist Hugh Brewster is truly a man of many hats. In this interview, Hugh shares fascinating stories, from meeting Jacqueline Onassis and James Cameron, to working with Robert Ballard, the discoverer of the Titanic.

TSP139 Trailer

TSP138 – Time Trek: From promise to disaster.

Disaster has befallen humanity countless times throughout history, From the Titanic to The Great Depression to the failed revolution of the 1960’s, the hosts, along with Canadian historian Hugh Brewster, explore the promise that preceded the calamity.

TSP138 Trailer

TSP137 – The Undefinable Spirit: With NYC emergency room doctor and children’s author Joanette Weisse.

Inspired by a question about dying from one of her grandchildren, NYC emergency room physician Joanette Weisse talks about and reads from her newly penned and just released picture book – Giggles in my Heart – which deals with the real fears children are experiencing during this time of Covid.

TSP137 Trailer

TSP136 – PH Factor: Muzzling Dissent – Access denied.

The right to free speech is not a given. In this day of ‘unfriending’, it is easy to muzzle our fellow human beings, in order to control the narrative. From censorship on campuses to discouraging your children from, “Speaking until spoken to”, the impulse to deny self expression is a social sickness in need of healing.

TSP136 Trailer

TSP135 – Time Trek: It’s the apocalypse and Armaggedon outta here!

“It’s the end of the world as we know it.”, has been a refrain heard many times before in human history. From the cult of Christianity to Nostradamus’s prophecies to the tragedy of Jonestown to the Covid-19 crisis, the challenge to avert disaster has been a catalyst for change.

TSP135 Trailer

TSP134 – The Undefinable Spirit: Simran Bhamu – From India with love.

From Delhi to Canada, Simran Bhamu’s journey has taken her through poverty, immigration, racism, politics, and ultimately a fulfilling life in a country she now calls home. Simran Bhamu is the definition of a very capable, compassionate and enlightened soul.

TSP134 Trailer

TSP133 – PH Factor: Becoming Other – If not now, when?

This period of Covid-19, has catalyzed the impulse towards personal and societal change. The question is how capable are we, as individuals and members of society, to realize these changes, given the power of traditional thinking and habits?

TSP133 Trailer

TSP132 – Time Trek: Pasteurization – Don’t cry over ‘spoilt’ milk.

The invisible universe of the biome became more visible through the work of many 19th century scientific researchers. One of the preeminent adventurers into the microbial world, Louis Pasteur unveiled the essential role micro-organisms play in the healthy functioning of our ecosystems. Famous for the process of pasteurization, Pasteur was also instrumental in breaking new ground in the vaccine and hygiene domains.

TSP132 Trailer

TSP131 – The Undefinable Spirit: Janet-Lynn Morrison – From 0 to fierce.

If there was ever an example of how a world view can impact one’s life, Janet-Lynn Morrison is one. Understanding, forgiveness and resiliency resonate throughout our phone conversation with this intelligent and caring soul. Her story of moving ‘from 0 to fierce’ is compelling and inspirational.

TSP131 Trailer

TSP130 – PH Factor: Every Breath You Take – The body politic.

Is it even possible anymore, that human beings can communicate with each other, directly and authentically, given the pandemic of politicization? The challenge to defy categorization is paramount in our attempt to resist the ‘isms’ that have engulfed us.

TSP130 Trailer

TSP129 – Time Trek: F’ me F’ you – The history of pejoratives.

The history of pejoratives touches on religion, social mores and political correctness, vividly expressing strong emotions or sentiments. The use of swear words was well accepted up until the Renaissance, after which these so-called ‘dirty’ words became ostracized, litigated, and otherwise suppressed.

TSP129 Trailer

TSP128 – The Undefinable Spirit: Nicole Wicki – Courage, Conviction and Cure.

Numerous times in her young life, Nicole Wicki, has had the courage to make life changing decisions en route to making a life more connected to nature, balancing body and mind. Swiss born and raised, she currently makes her home on a remote 10 acre farm on ‘Te Waipounamu’ (Maori name for New Zealand’s South Island), striving to live off the grid, while embracing a healthier lifestyle.

TSP128 Trailer

TSP127 – PH Factor: It’s A DIY World – Peggy Lee’s Delicious Lips.

Do-it-yourself, on the surface a new fad propelled by the COVID crisis, is in fact an age old go to and accepted MO throughout human history. Using the creation of a DIY audiobook – Peggy Lee’s Delicious Lips – as an example, we talk about the process from A to Z.

TSP127 Trailer

TSP126 – The Undefinable Spirit: Dr. Claudia Six returns to talk about relationships and sex during COVID-19.

In our second interview with Dr. Six we explore changes to relationships in the face of a global pandemic. Surprisingly, when it comes to the world of our primal instincts, our sexual life has remained for the most part remained unchanged during this period of personal and social upheaval.

TSP126 Trailer

TSP125 – PH Factor: Necessity is the mother.

During the mother of all crises, another mother is stepping up to give birth to a plethora of creative responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not surprising, in light of other historical upheavals, out of which emerged new and unique technologies and approaches to problem solving.

TSP125 Trailer

May 10, 2020

TSP124 – The Undefinable Spirit: Sandy Brown, citizen first, Mayor second.

A down to earth conversation with the Mayor of Orangeville, a small town in Southern Ontario Canada, as the community responds to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
From Zoom coffee chats to encouraging support for small business, Mayor Sandy Brown offers a very candid and grounded perspective.

TSP124 Trailer

April 27, 2020

TSP123 – Time Trek: What a difference a year makes.

We hop in our time machine and come out Sept 11, 2021, a year after the all clear was given on the COVID-19 Pandemic and we have witnessed numerous changes for the better, and some for the worse. From the micro to the macro, we’ve undergone a variety of transformations on a scale previously unimagined.

TSP123 Trailer

April 13, 2020

TSP122 – PH Factor: COVID-19 – What is a life worth?

At the time of this podcast, the number of global COVID-19 cases has eclipsed the 1,000,000 mark with over 50,000 deaths. We are confronting an unparalleled firestorm of ethical and moral dilemmas, in the face of mushrooming economic turmoil. Over 3 days, and from a distance, these issues and more, inform a time-lapse dialogue.

TSP122 Trailer

March 30, 2020

TSP121 – PH Factor: COVID-19, tragedy or opportunity?

The COVID-19 is proving transformational on a level that has not been seen since 911. Could this be a pivotal paradigm shift in the way we treat each other and all life forms on the planet?

TSP121 Trailer

March 16, 2020

TSP120 – Time Trek: Hagia Sophia – Church of the holy wisdom.

For almost fifteen hundred years, the largest basilica in the world, Hagia Sophia, was at the spiritual centre of both the Christian and Muslim worlds. An architectural wonder, it inspired builders and designers of sacred spaces for centuries.

TSP120 Trailer

March 2, 2020

TSP119 – PH Factor: Sohayla Smith’s peace of the heart.

Singer songwriter, music therapist, belly dancer and more, Sohayla shares her very human approach to art and community.

TSP119 Trailer

February 17, 2020

TSP118 – PH Factor: Hurry up and wait.

We spend an average of 5 years waiting in lines and queues during our lifetime. Is waiting a waste of time, or can we alter our perspective about these (commonly) anxiety-making situations?

TSP118 Trailer

February 3, 2020

TSP117 – Time Trek: Paradise or infogedden?

An exploration into the evolution of information gathering, its historical milestones, including moral and ethical implications for the human condition. From Tesla to Touring and beyond, does the expanding data highway offer us more unprecedented challenges than benefits?

TSP117 Trailer

January 20, 2020

TSP116 – The Undefinable Spirit: Ricard Mongiat and the big picture.

On the heels of the last podcast, between dog and wolf, inspired by a painting (Entre Chien et Loup) of the same name, the hosts discuss all things art with painter Richard Mongiat, whose focus and range of activities elevate him beyond the typical one note artist.

TSP116 Trailer

January 6, 2020

TSP115 – PH Factor: Between dog and wolf.

The balancing act of our primal instincts versus our domestic existence from children’s stories to the world of cinema, from Paganism to Christianity, the symbol of the wolf has been a central theme, painted in both a positive and negative light.

TSP115 Trailer

December 23, 2019

TSP114 – Time Trek: Inside The Pod – Where to, from here?

A look at the future of podcasting and its relevance as just another media platform, among many that have been or will be absorbed by the ‘big boys’. The hosts, Peter and Harry, discuss the joys, challenges and purpose of the Sill podcast and its ‘limitless’ possibilities.

TSP114 Trailer

December 9, 2019

TSP113 – PH Factor: Hunger Reigns – Feast, famine and faith.

Nearly a billion people in the world experience hunger, while nearly a billion are obese. Like many challenges confronting society in today’s world the issue is not availability, it is excessive waste and distribution. Our collective hunger and survival is not limited to food. From fasting to spiritual searching, and everything in between, our quest for ‘nourishment’ comes in many forms.

TSP113 Trailer

November 25, 2019

TSP112 – Transcendent Tunes: Harry Chapin’s shot to the heart.

Harry Chapin left us too soon, but he left us with compelling stories reflecting the era he lived in. Although not one of his most well known hits, Sniper, is perhaps his most eloquent, timeless comment on humankind’s fragile psyche.

TSP112 Trailer

November 11, 2019

TSP111 – Time Trek: Sapien Signatures – Traces of us.

Kilroy was here. The urge to leave our stamp on history seems to be inherent to the nature of homo sapiens. Stepping into the past at a local museum, provides the hosts a context for examining our obsession with legacy.

TSP111 Trailer

October 28, 2019

TSP110 – PH Factor: Branding – Look at me, I’m relevant.

From the personal to the political, from products to corporate identity, the rise of branding as a way of creating and maintaining relevance is understandable in a world that encourages hubris.

TSP110 Trailer

October 14, 2019

TSP109 – Transcendent Tunes: Non, Je Ne Regret Rien – The little sparrow’s anthem.

No other singer has as powerfully embodied their music as did Edith Piaf. Rising from her hard scrabbled life, spanning two world wars, she sang her way to international stardom, until her untimely death at 47.

TSP109 Trailer

September 30, 2019

TSP108 – The Undefinable Spirit: Stefan Wiesen – Painting the World green.

Dufferin – Caledon federal Green Party candidate Stefan Wiesen says, quote, “We must take a holistic approach to build a modern state that leaves nobody behind.” His obvious passion and commitment for the environment and people is evident in his clear-headed and grounded approach to the issues we all face.

TSP108 Trailer

September 16, 2019

TSP107 – Time Trek: The Yo-Yo – Spinnin’ wheel got to go round.

Surprisingly, the modern toy called the Yo-yo has a long venerable history. From ancient China, to Napoleon’s France, to Richard Nixon at the Grand Ole Opry, this toy for all ages continues to fascinate and entertain.

TSP107 Trailer

September 2, 2019

TSP106 – The Undefinable Spirit: Michael McCreary – Punch up, Never down.

Brampton born and Orangeville raised Michael McCreary is an ‘aspie’ of a different colour. With a mind as agile as a whippet, Michael navigates his life with humour and humility, bestowing on us a deeper understanding of what it means to be autistic.

TSP106 Trailer

August 19, 2019

TSP105 – PH Factor: Freezing footprints.

The impulse to archive has been added and abetted by the exponential advance in recording technologies, which begs the question: What have we sacrificed in pursuit of our never ending desire to preserve memories.

TSP105 Trailer

August 5, 2019

TSP104 – Digging Words: CONSERVATISM – Trapped in amber.

The nature of conservatism is more complicated than current polarized thinking would suggest. From its political beginnings after the French Revolution to populist America and Britain, the impulse to remain true to inherited tradition is both a stabilizing force and one prone to ossification.

TSP104 Trailer

July 22, 2019

TSP103 – Transcendent Tunes: Woody and Arlo on the ‘rails’.

Woody Guthrie’s ‘This Land Is Your Land’ and his son, Arlo Guthrie’s ‘City Of New Orleans (written by the under appreciated Steve Goodman) can be considered anthems of a nation. The first being a response to the status quo – ‘God Bless America’ and the second an homage to life on the rails.

TSP103 Trailer

July 8, 2019

TSP102 – Time Trek: Encoding, foreboding?

Starting with Morse code in the mid 19th century the beginnings of encoding technology eventually evolved into the ubiquitous use of barcodes today. This mini revolution has ramifications well beyond retail convenience and routine record keeping.

TSP102 Trailer

June 24, 2019

TSP101 – The Undefinable Spirit: Andrea Bird – Dancing on the curve of life.

Accomplished artist Andrea Bird connects art to love and death. Her theme of ‘holding loosely’ infuses Andrea’s work and positive world view.

TSP101 Trailer

June 10, 2019

TSP100 – PH Factor: The little ‘cast’ that could!

Our special celebratory milestone moment where we reminisce across 2 years of podcasting and what led up to it. Our conversation includes podcast excerpts, special moments, joys and challenges along the way.

TSP100 Trailer

June 3, 2019

TSP099 – Transcendent Tunes: Yesterday, it was scrambled eggs.

A Lennon/McCartney classic covered by more artists than any other song in music history. A simple sentiment turned musical treasure, cherished by young and old.

TSP099 Trailer

May 27, 2019

TSP098 – Time Trek: Optics, near and far.

Man’s quest to explore beyond the limits of the senses led to the evolution of optical theory and eventual development of telescopic and microscopic devices. Enhancing our vision, both outer and inner, profoundly changed our perspective of our universes, large and small.

TSP098 Trailer

May 20, 2019

TSP097 – Digging Words: PORTMANTEAU – Two’s company.

Packing more into less is the basis for the creation of portmanteau words. From motel to hazmet to liger and beyond, these linguistically blended words, pro or con, have become part of our lexicon.

TSP097 Trailer

May 13, 2019

TSP096 – The Undefinable Spirit: Drew Marshall, a red letter agnostic theist.

Inveterate seeker, Drew Marshall talks about his quest for truth on God, life, death, and faith. Among other self discoveries made during his journey, which has included living in Australia, the deserts of Israel and walking the El Camino trail in Spain, he talks to us how ‘doubt’ can be an integral and useful tool in discovering your spiritual path.

TSP096 Trailer

May 6, 2019

TSP095 – Transcendent Tunes: Cole Porter’s Begin The Beguine.

A signature of the big band era, Begin The Beguine, exemplifies the versatility of Swing music. The lyrics embody the joy of a sudden but temporary love, the melody of which was made famous by one of the greatest big band leaders, Artie Shaw.

TSP095 Trailer

April 29, 2019

TSP094 – PH Factor: Notre Dame, the unmaking of history.

The tragic fire at Notre Dame de Paris on the 15th of April, 2019, sparked a slew of social, political, and religious reactions. 850 years of history gone up in flames, provides the backdrop for a lively discussion about this historic event.

TSP094 Trailer

April 22, 2019

TSP093 – Time Trek: Podcasting, birth and beckoning.

15 years into the podcasting evolution has seen an exponential rise in both programming and popularity, not the least of which is due to the rise and constant upgrading of smartphone technology, as well as corporate interest and acquisitions.

TSP093 Trailer

April 15, 2019

TSP092 – Digging Words: BUT – Au Contraire.

One of the unsung workhorses of the English language, the word ‘but’ is frequently overused. ‘But’, this seemingly insignificant three letter word packs a whole lot of punch.

TSP092 Trailer

April 8, 2019

TSP091 – The Undefinable Spirit: Donna McCaw, Elora’s creative dynamo.

Teacher, actor, traveler, activist Donna McCaw shares her passion for creativity, community, and the simple joys of having fun. From poetry to saving our water, she demonstrates compassion and a love for life.

TSP091 Trailer

April 1, 2019

TSP090 – PH Factor: What’s up with DST?

The pros and cons of Daylight Saving Time have been the subject of an ongoing debate since the late 19th century. There’s validity on both sides of the argument, despite the lack of general agreement as to its efficacy.

TSP090 Trailer

March 25, 2019

TSP089 – Transcendent Tunes: Hey kids, It’s twinkle time.

For millennia, lullabies have lulled children into slumber land. From ancient Egypt to modern day, tunes like Twinkle,Twinkle, Little Star and their relative importance often goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

TSP089 Trailer

March 18, 2019

TSP088 – Time Trek: Ikebana – Time for reflection.

The birth of Ikebana, or the Japanese art of flower arranging, dates back to the 7th century. Combining the mindfulness of the Buddhist traditions with Shinto’s connection to nature, this refined art form can offer the West unexpected insights into the essence of life.

TSP088 Trailer