TSP060 – In My Craw: What’s bugging you?

00:00 / 27:08

Pet peeves have been exacerbated by, but not limited to, technology. Venting steam, in the face of a world that so often diminishes human values.

Duration – 27:08

VoxBox: On YouTube – 100 People Tell Us Their Pet Peeves | Keep it 100 | Cut

Music Credit: Benjamin Clementine – I Won’t Complain

TSP046 – Money, The Root of All Evil?: Is currency the only measure of your wealth?

00:00 / 22:44

An exploration into the nature of wealth and the system that it spawns. Is a world without money as we know it, even possible?

Duration – 22:44

VoxBox: Paul Kemp Robertson – Ted Talk on Bitcoin

Music Credits: ABBA – Money, Money and Pink Floyd – Money

TSP002 – The Value Crisis: from dollars to democracy, why numbers are ruining our world.

00:00 / 26:31

As a partial sequel to Episode 1, in Episode 2 Author Andrew Welch (TheValueCrisis.com) joins us to discuss his book,’The Value Crisis: From dollars to democracy, why numbers are ruing our world.’

Andrew Welch: http://thevaluecrisis.com

Duration – 26:31