TSP118 – PH Factor: Hurry up and wait.

00:00 / 33:11

We spend an average of 5 years waiting in lines and queues during our lifetime. Is waiting a waste of time, or can we alter our perspective about these (commonly) anxiety-making situations?

Duration – 33:11

VoxBox: Harry Posner – “Wait for it.”

TSP076 – So, You Think You Can Podcast? You Can.

00:00 / 34:44

The reality of podcasting is a bit more complicated than talking into a microphone. Taking an initial idea to a finished product, entails a variety of considerations, from topics to technical requirements to content delivery.

Duration – 34:44

VoxBox: Audio segment from YouTube – On podcasting

Music Credit: Bonnie Raitt – Something To Talk About

TSP075 – Resistance Is Futile: Zoomers tackle tech.


00:00 / 28:44



Seniors are tackling the challenges of technology to remain connected and relevant. Overcoming fears and learning obstacles have become part of yet another phase of life.

Duration – 28:44

VoxBox: Audio segment from YouTube – Woody Allen

Music Credit: Jimmy Durante – Young At Heart

TSP033 – Fragmented Realities: Has storytelling gone the way of the Dodo?


00:00 / 28:34



Where have all the stories gone? The way we tell stories has changed. Technology seems to have altered the landscape of time itself.

Duration – 28:42

VoxBox: David Chesterton

Music Credit: Everly Brothers – Stories We Could Tell

TSP026 – Marriage Of Minds: From I. Q. to A. I.


00:00 / 24.43



Will the ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence impede the evolution of human consciousness? Can we imbue technological form with human intelligence, and to what end?

Duration – 24:43

Music Credit: Sinead O’Connor (by John Lennon) – Mind Games

TSP006 – Cockamamy: Living with absurdity.


00:00 / 18:51



Has technology contributed and exacerbated the absurdity we experience, or are exposed to, in our daily living?

Duration 18:56

TSP001 – Techno Zeitgeist: Inside the machine.


00:00 / 22:59



Is Technology helping, or hindering you?

Duration 22:59