TSP065 – The Undefinable Spirit: Globetrotting with The Pattons.

00:00 / 29:48

Have you ever thought about pulling up roots and heading out into the great wide open? Chantal Patton and her family have and did.                                                                                 Growing Up Without Borders: https://www.growingupwithoutborders.com

Duration – 29:48

VoxBox: Steve Martin – Comedy excerpt

TSP064 – The Undefinable Spirit: Dr. Claudia Six on her book, Erotic Integrity.

00:00 / 44:24

A frank and open discussion about one of the most problematic aspects of human life – sexuality. Dr. Claudia Six offers pathways to recognizing, repairing and recovering our sexual soul.

Dr. Claudia Six: http://www.drsix.net

Explicit Content

Duration – 44:24

VoxBox: Liz Miele – Feminist sex positions

Music Credits: Salt-N-Pepa – Let’s Talk About Sex & Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy

TSP063 – Digging Words: ZEITGEIST – The air we breath.

00:00 / 24:37

How the zeitgeist informs our evolution. Pointing out the varying zeitgeists that underpin our recent history.

Duration – 24:37

VoxBox: Peter Joseph Interviewed on ‘The Marker’ – Tel Aviv TV | The Zeitgeist Movement

Music Credit: Nicky Wire – I killed the Zeitgeist

TSP060 – In My Craw: What’s bugging you?

00:00 / 27:08

Pet peeves have been exacerbated by, but not limited to, technology. Venting steam, in the face of a world that so often diminishes human values.

Duration – 27:08

VoxBox: On YouTube – 100 People Tell Us Their Pet Peeves | Keep it 100 | Cut

Music Credit: Benjamin Clementine – I Won’t Complain

TSP059 – Digging Words: UBIQUITOUS – It’s everywhere.

00:00 / 21:37

Take a word, any word. There’s a world of meaning waiting to be mined. Join Peter and Harry as they dig their vocabulary shovels into the word ‘ubiquitous’.

Duration – 21:39

VoxBox: On YouTube – He’s everywhere – Chicken Man & On You Tube – 3 DICKS ON A BENCH discuss ubiquitous

Music Credits: On YouTube – FUNNY SONG #3 – The Long Word Song & Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

TSP058 – Head and Heart: A tenuous tango.

00:00 / 26:45

Where thought and emotion intersect is a veritable no-man’s land, our ongoing search for perspective and empathy.

Duration – 26:48

VoxBox: On YouTube – Forest Blakk: Find Me [Spoken Word]

Music Credits: Harry Dial & His Blusicians – My Head Says Yes, But My Heart Says No and Paul McCartney – Let Me Roll It

TSP056 – You Can Lead A Horse To Water: Consumer con contagion.

00:00 / 25:06

Have I got a deal for you! Lost in the whirlpool of stuff, decoupling from consumer clutter.

Duration – 25:06

VoxBox: George Carlin on ‘Stuff’

Music Credit: Patti Page – How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

TSP055 – The Undefinable Spirit: Readin’ & rollin’ with Lindsay Shaw.

00:00 / 29:54

From books to reeling on the track and back we talk with Lindsay Shaw, a ‘genetically predisposed’ Librarian, as she recalls her roller derby days and the skills it helped her hone.

Duration – 29:54

VoxBox: Women Try Roller Derby For 30 Days – on YouTube

Music Credit: Jimmy Buffet – Life In The Library

TSP054 – You Talkin’ To Me?: I couldn’t even begin to think, about knowing how to answer that question.

00:00 / 26:23

Beginning near the end of the 18th century, our fascination with Speech Technology has brought us to the age of virtual assistance in the form of Siri, Alexa and others. What does this all mean?

Duration – 26:26

VoxBox: HAL 9000 from Space Odyssey 2001 on YouTube

Music Credit: Harry Nilsson – Everybody’s Talkin’

TSP053 – Place Your Bets: Is life predetermined?

00:00 / 23:48

Is life a ‘casino’ (Italian word for chaos). When it comes to determining our free Will, all bets are off.

Duration – 23:51

VoxBox: Jim Carrey on YouTube

Music Credit: Zager & Evans – In The year 2525

TSP052 – 52 Pick-Up: A year of podcasting.

00:00 / 33:46

From initial concept to uploaded podcast, Peter and Harry chat about the in and outs of podcasting. This retrospective episode includes snippets from some of our last 51 episodes.

Duration – 33:46

VoXBox: YouTube excerpt

Music Credit: Frank Sinatra – It Was A Very Good Year

TSP051 – The Undefinable Spirit: The greening of hope with Laura Campbell.

00:00 / 27:11

Mother of two, restauranteur and Dufferin-Caledon Green Party candidate Laura Campbell shares her youthful enthusiasm for all things and her hope for the future.

Duration – 27:11

VoxBox: Jane Goodall on YouTube: To Children on the Environment

Music Credit: Natasha Bedingfield – Hope

TSP050 – Malware: Pop-up spawns metafiction.

00:00 / 24:38

A discussion of Harry’s novella-in-progress, in which the author gets real about art as an act of defiance.

Duration – 24:38

VoxBox: Audiopedia’s ‘Meta-joke’ on YouTube

Music Credit: Daft Punk – Technologic

TSP049 – The Undefinable Spirit: Snapshots from the edge, with Pete Paterson.

00:00 / 28:26

One photographer’s graphic journey, from city to country and analogue to digital.

Duration – 28:26

VoxBox: Norm McDonald comedy snippet from YouTube

Music Credit: Paul Simon – Kodachrome

TSP048 – Make It So, Number One: Regaining control of the good ship ‘Self’.

00:00 / 25:30

Is it in our power to take charge of our own life, in a world rife with controls?

Duration – 25:33

VoxBox: Get Smart episode snippets from YouTube

Music Credit: Lesley Gore – You Don’t Own Me

TSP047 – The Undefinable Spirit: Fearless in the face of misfortune, with Michelle Fruendt.

00:00 / 24:56

One person’s story about surrendering our demons in the quest for serenity.

Duration – 24:56

VoxBox: Big Daddy Tazz – The Bi Polar Buddha Set

Music Credit: Tracy Chapman – It’s Ok

TSP046 – Money, The Root of All Evil?: Is currency the only measure of your wealth?

00:00 / 22:44

An exploration into the nature of wealth and the system that it spawns. Is a world without money as we know it, even possible?

Duration – 22:44

VoxBox: Paul Kemp Robertson – Ted Talk on Bitcoin

Music Credits: ABBA – Money, Money and Pink Floyd – Money

TSP045 – Blues & Jazz Bops Into Town: 16 years of musical joy.

00:00 / 18:22

Pete and Harry talk with Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival founder Larry Kurtz.             Orangeville Blues & Jazz: https://orangevillebluesandjazz.ca

Duration – 18:22

VoxBox: Miles Davis, Buddy Guy, BB King and Etta James

Music Credit: John Scofield – I Don’t Need No Doctor

TSP044 – Welcome To Slumberland: To dream or not to dream.

00:00 / 26:59

Given that we sleep away about a third of our lives, it behooves us to explore that world in a deeper way.

Duration – 26:59

VoxBox: The Twilight Zone snippets

Music Credit: Gary Wright – Dreamweaver

TSP043 – Machina Memories: Driving stories.

00:00 / 24:58

From Benz and Ford to Telsa and trending technologies. The personal joys and tribulations of putting the pedal to medal.

Duration – 24:59

VoxBox:The Driving Instructor segment – Bob Newhart

Music Credits: Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz and Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

TSP042 – Morality In Flux: Right and wrong in a relative world.

00:00 / 24:46

Is it even relevant to think of right and wrong in the same way that we used to, and what does that mean for our daily lives?

Duration – 24:46

VoxBox: Will Lisa Lie And Make Springfield Elementary School Rich? – The Simpsons

Music Credits: Ike & Tina Turner – The Things That I Used To Do and Millie Jackson – (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right

TSP041 – Subterfuge Soup: Who’s pulling your strings?

00:00 / 25:38

Conspiracies, large and small, infuse the very air we breath. Is our desire to belong and connect influencing our beliefs and choices?

Duration – 25:38

VoxBox: George Carlin interviewed by Art Bell in 1999

Music Credit: James & Bobby Purify – I’m Your Puppet

TSP040 – The Caged Mouth: Do we really have free speech?

00:00 / 21:57

From the personal to the social, to the political, how encumbered is free speech in today’s world?

Duration – 21:57

VoxBox: Diane Ford on men and women

Music Credits: Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – I Won’t Back Down

TSP039 – My Life Has Value: Rethinking Populism.

00:00 / 25:28

Examining the relevance of populism in our current world and the challenge confronting the new generation.

Duration – 25:29

VoxBox: Movie Clip from ’Network’ – delivered by actor Peter Finch as Howard Beale

Music Credits: Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People and Parachute Club – Rise Up

TSP038 – Roger, Copy That: Living in the duplicated world.

00:00 / 22:19

Individualism in the context of the duplicated world. The one and the many.

Duration – 22:19

VoxBox: Movie Clip from ‘Goodfellas’ – Martin Scorsese

Music Credit: The Doors – Love Me Two Times

TSP037 – Inventiveness: So, what else is new?

00:00 / 27:18

In search of the next. Probing the creative imagination and what fosters it’s development.

Duration – 27:18

VoxBox: Larry Kurtz – founder of the Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival

Music Credit: Rodger Hodgson (formerly of Supertramp) – Dreamer

TSP036 – The More Things Change: What did you learn today?

00:00 / 28:35

How we learn. Are the old educational models relevant today?

Duration – 28:35

VoxBox: Father Guido Sarducci

Music Credits: Chuck Berry, Lulu, Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes

TSP035 – Riffing On Music: Talking about revolution.

00:00 / 33:19

A hop and a skip across music’s influential landscape, “Songs in the key of life”.

Duration – 33:19

VoxBox: George Martin & The Beatles

Music Credits: Eva Noce, Beethoven, Beatles, Chuck Berry, Pink Floyd

TSP034 – Still I Rise: Yes or no, do you dare?

00:00 / 27:55

The power of yes, in a world of no. From diets to neuroplasticity, affirming transformation.

Duration – 27:55

VoxBox: Maya Angelou

Music Credit: Beatles – Hello, Goodbye

TSP033 – Fragmented Realities: Has storytelling gone the way of the Dodo?

00:00 / 28:34

Where have all the stories gone? The way we tell stories has changed. Technology seems to have altered the landscape of time itself.

Duration – 28:42

VoxBox: David Chesterton

Music Credit: Everly Brothers – Stories We Could Tell

TSP032 – Do It Yourself Healing: Carrots versus chemicals.

00:00 / 27:53

Modern western medicine would be wise to embrace and integrate the traditional art of healing.

Duration – 27:53

VoxBox: 4 year-old Thea at the Alton Library

Music Credit: Harry Nilsson – Coconut

TSP031 – Exit Stage Left: Good leavings.

00:00 / 28:39

Last rights, or last rites? Before the curtain is drawn, somber or joyful, which would you choose?

Duration – 28:39

VoxBox: Nancy Early

Music Credit: Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky

TSP030 – Who’s That Knocking At The Door: Do you let’em in?

00:00 / 25:55

To lock or not to lock, that is the question. How do we use our doors?

Duration – 25:55

VoxBox: Anthony Carnovale

Music Credit: Paul McCartney & Wings – Let’ Em In

TSP029 – Relevance & Reliance: Reclaiming the invisible everyman.

00:00 / 26:19

Relevance in the age of reliance and what it means to unshackling the self.

Duration – 26:19

Voxbox: Dolores Hind

Music Credit: Beatles – Across The Universe

TSP028 – Hi, My Name Is Servizio: I am your server today.

00:00 /

Service from the top down. It’s all about relationships, generosity and community, so say we.

Duration – 25:07

VoxBox: Pierre LeClaire

Music Credit: Etta James – Gotta Serve Somebody

TSP027 – Shattering Habits: Phoenix rising.

00:00 / 25:58

Habits are not addictions, so say the experts. In fact some habits are good. Discerning helpful from harmful, and getting off the never ending wheel.

Duration – 25:58

Music Credit: Joni Mitchell – The Circle Game

TSP026 – Marriage Of Minds: From I. Q. to A. I.

00:00 / 24.43

Will the ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence impede the evolution of human consciousness? Can we imbue technological form with human intelligence, and to what end?

Duration – 24:43

Music Credit: Sinead O’Connor (by John Lennon) – Mind Games

TSP025 – 2017 In Review: Shock culture goes viral.

00:00 / 25:55

Is shock the new normal? Are we accepting the unacceptable? From Donald Trump’s inauguration to Harvey Weinstein’s exposure, we explore the quakes and vibrations felt in 2017.

Duration – 25:25

Music Credit: Jimi Hendrix – Along The Watchtower

TSP024 – Automation: Embracing or displacing?

00:00 / 22:45

Automation’s impact on our everyday life. A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Duration – 22:45

Music Credit: Flight Of The Conchords – Robots

TSP023 – Work: Is it doing its job?

00:00 / 24:39

From the industrial revolution to the digital revolution, a conversation about the nature of work in the modern world.

Duration – 24:44

Music Credit: Lee Dorsey – Working In The Coal Mine

TSP022 – Averse to Verse: Poetry and the digital self.

00:00 / 24:46

The case for poetry’s relevance in the age of the Internet. How poetry can revitalize and rejuvenate the human spirit.

Duration – 24:46

Music Credit: Phoebe Snow – Poetry Man

TSP021 – Freedom’s just another word: Real or BS?

00:00 / 23:02

Unpacking the idea of freedom in a world seemingly bound by restrictions and limitations. Breaking the shackles.

Explicit Content

Duration – 23:08

Music Credit: Janis Joplin – Me And Bobby McGee

TSP020 – Black, 2 Sugars: Coffee, tea and tech.

00:00 / 23:43

Exploring the role of tea and coffee in our daily lives and their relative importance to our sense of community and personal rituals. The makings of good tea and coffee.

Duration – 23:43

Music Credit: YouTube – I Love Coffee, I Love Tea

TSP019 – Darkside: Hello darkness my old friend.

00:00 / 24:35

Exploring the power of darkness in the modern world, from depression to zombies and everything in between.

Duration – 24:35

Music Credit: Disturbed (Simon & Garfunkel original) – Sound Of Silence

TSP018 – Facsmile: Finding authenticity in a simulated world.

00:00 / 20:27

Is it live or is it Memorex? Sifting through a world of facsimile in a quest for authenticity.

Duration – 20:27

Music Credit: Ella Fitzgerald singing behind, is it live or is it Memorex?

TSP017 – Paris: A Poet’s Perspective – getting Siri-ous in the city of love.

00:00 / 21:59

Talking about the ‘apps’ and downs of travel. How technology has impacted traveling and the artistic experience.

Duration – 21:59

Music Credit: Dean Martin – C’est Magnifique

TSP016 – Paranoia: Into your life it will creep.

00:00 / 21:15

Harry and Peter conspire to enter the world of ‘what if’ and ‘could it be that…?’ From Big Brother to Big Google, they ask the question: should we be looking over our shoulders?

Duration – 21:15

Music Credit: Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth

TSP015 – Accepting The Other: Does race matter?

00:00 / 23:29

What shapes our varied perceptions of ‘Races’ who are different from ours? Should we be focusing on individuals, rather than their ’Race’.

Duration – 23:29

Music Credit: Bob Marley – Buffalo Soldier

TSP014 – Altered Realities: Is anybody out there?

00:00 / 23:48

Peter and Harry, on a natural high, discuss the value of wriggling out of our normal skin.

Duration – 23:48

Music Credit: Beatles – I Am The Walrus

TSP013 – Temporary Vs. Permanent: It’s now or ever.

00:00 / 19:49

The influence your life experiences, religious and cultural background and philosophical views have on how you choose to live, or the life you end up living. Do you live your life as if every day were your last?

Duration – 19:54

Music Credit: Beatles – In My Life

TSP011 – Mentors: Your mother is your first.

00:00 / 16:06

Who, or what, can influence your creation or vital spirit? Recalling those special people who help shape or completely change the path of your life.

Duration – 16:06

Music Credit: Artist? – Thank You For The Things That You Do For Me

TSP010 – Act Your Age: Where’s the manual?

00:00 / 23:24

Ageism is the new social prejudice, at a time when people over 65 crowd are beginning to outnumber those under 15. Coping with the disadvantages of aging, while cherishing the advantages a long life can bring.

Duration – 23:24

Music Credit: The Who – My Generation

TSP009 – Fade To Black: Dealing with death.

00:00 / 21:55

Dealing with the inevitable conclusion of life, as we know it. Is there a case to be made for living too long?

Duration – 22:01

Music Credit: Paul McCartney & Wings – Live and Let Die

TSP008 – Ch-Ch-Changes: Facing the strange.

00:00 / 24:13

Can we adapt to a world seemingly hurtling out of control? The quest for change.

Duration – 24:13

Music Credit: David Bowie – Changes

TSP007 – Red Alert!: Is your security is an illusion?

00:00 / 18:05

Is the world more secure or have we simply become increasingly numb to, complacent or accepting, about what most of us feel we can’t control?

Duration 18:09

TSP006 – Cockamamy: Living with absurdity.

00:00 / 18:51

Has technology contributed and exacerbated the absurdity we experience, or are exposed to, in our daily living?

Duration 18:56

TSP005 – Analogue to Digital: Our brain is not binary.

00:00 / 18:36

Do you prefer listening to vinyl records or CDs, or does it matter? Digital technology and its affect on the quality of our lives.

Duration 18:41

TSP004 – Cracking Codes: What on Earth do you mean?

00:00 / 15:53

Decoding the language of Art & Technology.

Duration 15:51

TSP002 – The Value Crisis: from dollars to democracy, why numbers are ruining our world.

00:00 / 26:31

As a partial sequel to Episode 1, in Episode 2 Author Andrew Welch (TheValueCrisis.com) joins us to discuss his book,’The Value Crisis: From dollars to democracy, why numbers are ruing our world.’

Andrew Welch: http://thevaluecrisis.com

Duration – 26:31

TSP001 – Techno Zeitgeist: Inside the machine.

00:00 / 22:59

Is Technology helping, or hindering you?

Duration 22:59