Meet unique spirits, people with angles, and creative juice to spare. Adventurers, musicians, and all walks of life are represented.

TSP108 – The Undefinable Spirit: Stefan Wiesen – Painting the world green.Dufferin – Caledon federal Green Party candidate Stefan Wiesen says, quote, “We must take a holistic approach to build a modern state that leaves nobody behind.” His obvious passion and commitment for the environment and people is evident in his clear-headed and grounded approach to the issues we all face. Stefan Wiesen:

TSP106 – The Undefinable Spirit: Michael McCreary – Punching up, never down.Brampton born and Orangeville raised Michael McCreary is an ‘aspie’ of a different colour. With a mind as agile as a whippet, Michael navigates his life with humour and humility, bestowing on us a deeper understanding of what it means to be autistic. Michael McCreary:

TSP101 – The Undefinable Spirit: Andrea Bird – Dancing on the curve of life. Andrea Bird:

TSP096 – The Undefinable Spirit: Drew Marshall, a red letter agnostic theist.

TSP091 – The Undefinable Spirit: Donna McCaw, Elora’s creative dynamo.Donna McCaw:

TSP086 – The Undefinable Spirit: The bassoon takes a bow, with Nadina Mackie Jackson. Nadina Mackie Jackson:

TSP081 – The Undefinable Spirit: Re-imagining Architecture with Robert Arnone.R.H. Carter & Associates:

TSP069 – The Undefinable Spirit: Celebrating the spoken word with Valentino Assenza.

SP065 – The Undefinable Spirit: Globetrotting with The Pattons.Growing Up Without Borders:

TSP064 – The Undefinable Spirit: Dr. Claudia Six on her book, Erotic Integrity.Dr. Claudia Six:

TSP057 – The Undefinable Spirit: Nanci Malek, not afraid to ask.

TSP055 – The Undefinable Spirit: Readin’ & rollin’ with Lindsay Shaw.

TSP051 – The Undefinable Spirit: The greening of hope with Laura Campbell.Mother of two, restauranteur and Dufferin-Caledon Green Party candidate Laura Campbell shares her youthful enthusiasm for all things and her hope for the future.

TSP047 – The Undefinable Spirit: Fearless in the face of misfortune, with Michelle Fruendt.

TSP045 – Blues & Jazz Bops Into Town: 16 years of musical joy.Peter and Harry talk with Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival founder Larry Kurtz. Orangeville Blues & Jazz: