Local Podcast Hits 150-Episode Milestone

May 10, 2021—Orangeville, Ont.-based The Sill, a bi-weekly podcast for eclectic tastes, has just produced its 150th episode. The milestone podcast event was the third in a three-part interview featuring local author Andrew Welch.

The Still co-hosts, Peter Noce and Harry Posner, established their successful podcast in 2017:
“We knew we were on to something,” notes Noce, an AV media producer and computer technology trainer, tutor, and trouble-shooter. He describes how The Sill has occupied a unique space in modern podcasting and is enjoying a growing—and also very engaged listening audience. “It’s based on a simple premise—that the art of conversation can be both enjoyable and enlightening.”

Art, technology and culture, with a lively infusion of the hosts’ life experiences, remain The Sill’s subject-matter strengths. Says Posner, Dufferin County’s current Poet Laureate:
“The original concept of the podcast was to bridge and/or explore areas relating to, but not necessarily limited to, art and technology, which would allow for a wide range of thought-provoking conversations.”

On the road to the 150th episode, The Sill has covered such diverse subjects as artificial intelligence, the power of poetry in the digital age, and even explored the worlds of tea and coffee, ageing, universal basic income, and much more.

The three-part interview with Andrew Welch, author of The Value Crisis and Our Second Chance, follows a typical The Sill pattern, wherein the hosts interview the author with questions aimed at both entertaining and educating their local and global audiences.

Named “The Sill” because the hosts often situate their conversations on the threshold between varying viewpoints, the podcast has experienced a steady growth in both subscribed listenership and global reach, now approaching 20,000 plays/downloads in six continents and over 20 countries.

“Not bad for a couple of zoomers from Southern Ontario,” quips Noce, who believes the exploration of potent words, brilliant music, powerful moments in human history and the vast catalogue of The Sill topics offers a welcome relief and perspective during a time of pandemic.

The interview with Andrew Welch and the entire back catalogue is available at TheSillPodcast.com, or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and many more.

Contact: info@thesillpodcast.com

Trilogy with Andrew Welch