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We have an innate need to tell stories. Stories provide a way to express our thoughts and ideas and to hopefully arrive at common ground with our audience while doing so, despite physical or metaphorical barriers.

Good storytelling can be particularly powerful in getting our message across. If anything, it renders information more memorable: we’re way more likely to take in and remember a story than a list of bullet points. Once we’ve been caught in a web of personalities and emotions, that message lodges itself more easily into our brains.

Even more importantly, we’re more likely to get behind and promote the message of a story that compels us. We become more understanding and sympathetic to its particular point of view.

Stories and podcasting go so well together; podcasts are an ideal vehicle. It’s in the intimate nature in which they’re experienced and consumed: hosts speak to you personally, come in directly through your headphones, to your ears, and into your mind.