Unpack a ‘moment’ in time with Peter and Harry. How does what we’ve created in the past reverberate into the present and future?

TSP190 – Time Trek: Revealing Tomorrow Today – The illuminating power of Science Fiction.  November 20, 2022 – Working with the themes of time travel, science gone wrong, alien contacts, and others, the genre of science fiction has reflected back to us the state of our humanity. What draws us to science fiction, and what can learn from it?

TSP146 – Time Trek: Exiting The Cave – The quest for self awareness.  March 14, 2021 – From the great religions to modern psychology, the journey towards self awareness and self improvement has been an integral part of human evolution. This has all been accentuated and accelerated by the strains and stresses produced by the Covid pandemic, personally and societally. Ultimately, the greater good requires both the realization and actualization of the self.

TSP144 – Time Trek: Pinocchio – A tale of two puppets.  February 14, 2021 – The relevance of this world renowned, classic children’s story about the transformation of a marionette, points to the fictionalized culture that we live in, in which we choose the stories that agree with our worldview. A look at two versions of Pinocchio, the original published in 1883 and the Disney film version of 1940, reveals the malleable nature of storytelling.

TSP141 – Time Trek: Hindsight is 2020.  Beyond the obvious stresses and suffering brought on by Covid, 2020 has been a year of significant change. In this episode we review the past 12 months, discussing and highlighting some memorable audio clips from some of the 26 episodes we recorded throughout the year, including exchanges with 8 different guests on ‘The Sill’ podcast.

TSP138 – Time Trek: From promise to disaster. Disaster has befallen humanity countless times throughout history, From the Titanic to The Great Depression to the failed revolution of the 1960’s, the hosts, along with Canadian historian Hugh Brewster, explore the promise that preceded the calamity.

TSP135 – Time Trek: It’s the apocalypse and Armageddon outta here!

TSP132 – Time Trek: Pasteurization – Don’t cry over spoilt milk. The invisible universe of the biome became more visible through the work of many 19th century scientific researchers. One of the preeminent adventurers into the microbial world, Louis Pasteur unveiled the essential role micro-organisms play in the healthy functioning of our ecosystems. Famous for the process of pasteurization, Pasteur was also instrumental in breaking new ground in the vaccine and hygiene domains.

TSP129 – Time Trek: – F’ Me, F’ You – The history of pejoratives. The history of pejoratives touches on religion, social mores and political correctness, vividly expressing strong emotions or sentiments. The use of swear words was well accepted up until the Renaissance, after which these so-called ‘dirty’ words became ostracized, litigated, and otherwise suppressed.

TSP123 – Time Trek: – What a difference a year makes. We hop in our time machine and come out Sept 11, 2021, a year after the all clear was given on the COVID-19 Pandemic and we have witnessed numerous changes for the better, and some for the worse. From the micro to the macro, we’ve undergone a variety of transformations on scale previously unimagined.

TSP120 – Time Trek: Hagia Sophia – Church of the holy wisdom. For almost fifteen hundred years, the largest basilica in the world, Hagia Sophia, was at the spiritual centre of both the Christian and Muslim worlds. An architectural wonder, it inspired builders and designers of sacred spaces for centuries.

TSP117 – Time Trek: Paradise or infogedden? An exploration into the evolution of information gathering, its historical milestones, including moral and ethical implications for the human condition. From Tesla to Touring and beyond, does the expanding data highway offer us more unprecedented challenges than benefits?

TSP114 – Time Trek: Inside The Pod – Where to, from here?

TSP102 – Time Trek: Encoding, foreboding? – Starting with Morse code in the mid 19th century the beginnings of encoding technology eventually evolved into the ubiquitous use of barcodes today. This mini revolution has ramifications well beyond retail convenience and routine record keeping.

TSP098 – Time Trek: Optics, near and far. – Man’s quest to explore beyond the limits of the senses led to the evolution of optical theory and eventual development of telescopic and microscopic devices. Enhancing our vision, both outer and inner, profoundly changed our perspective of our universes, large and small.

TSP093 – Time Trek: Podcasting, birth and beckoning. 15 years into the podcasting evolution has seen an exponential rise in both programming and popularity, not the least of which is due to the rise and constant upgrading of smartphone technology, as well as corporate interest and acquisitions.

TSP088 – Time Trek: Ikebana – Time for reflection. The birth of Ikebana, or the Japanese art of flower arranging, dates back to the 7th century. Combining the mindfulness of the Buddhist traditions with Shinto’s connection to nature, this refined art form can offer the West unexpected insights into the essence of life.

TSP083 – Time Trek: Degeneracy trumps Fascism. 

TSP079 – Time Trek: Spanning the Ages.