Hosts Peter and Harry converse on all things techno-artistic. Everything in the world is fair game, from the nature of Time to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

TSP189 – PH Factor: The Reconciliation – Healing A Wounded World November 6, 2022 – In the latter stages of Covid as a world emergency we, as individuals and as a collective, have come to the realization of just how wounded we are. How do we reconcile the divisiveness we are experiencing, both within and without, and begin the healing process?

TSP188 – PH Factor: Living In Spiritual Limbo – Getting beyond the disheartened self. October 23, 2022 – This is possibly a first Covid to Covid conversation, in which the hosts struggle with their respective mental fogs, to explore first hand getting beyond the disheartened self.

TSP187 – PH Factor: PH Factor: Getting Older – Rediscovering the Self. October 9, 2022 – As a follow up to part one on The Sill’s growing older series, the hosts ruminate on their own experience of growing older, including changes to libido, dealing with regret and forgiveness and a plethora of other associated realities.

TSP186 – PH Factor: Getting Older – Where to from here? September 25, 2022 – From ageism to medical assisted suicide to issues with technology, seniors are now facing unprecedented challenges. Part one, of a two part podcast, exploring the world of aging.

TSP185 – PH Factor: The Confucius Way – K.I.S.S. realized. September 11, 2022 – Unusual and unexpected – Confucianism, a 2,500 year old philosophy, hangs out with K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) a 21st century systems principle. Surprisingly, they have much in common, despite the millennial gap.

TSP184 – PH Factor: Citizen Can – Is human transformation possible? August 28, 2022 – From technology to brain chemistry to complacency, we are replete with challenges to transformation. Are we capable of pushing past what holds us back?

TSP183 – PH Factor: Network Failure – What are we learning? August 14, 2022 – On July 8, 2022, a major national telecom company experienced a critical network failure that affected an entire nation. It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last, that such an event has occurred or will occur. Are there failsafe mechanisms, technological or societal, that should be put in place in response to these systemic breakdowns?

TSP182 – PH Factor: Hit The Road Jack – The Covid Catalyst Migrations July 31, 2022 – Covid induced social distancing protocols and affordability issues have been instrumental in driving Canadians into smaller towns and cottage country, where larger living spaces are available. Working and studying from home has become a reality for many, and one that few wish to give up. Co-host Harry Posner and his partner have joined the ranks of Canadians in this rapidly growing segment.

TSP181 – PH Factor: We resurrect… So, you think you can podcast? You can. July 17, 2022 – For the first time in our five years of doing this podcast, we’ve elected to repurpose a podcast we recorded in 2018. Over the years we’ve had listeners comment or ask us questions on many of our podcasts and, amongst the varying feedback, we’ve also responded to questions about the creative process, equipment used and even our topic selections, so we thought this would make a timely segue from our last podcast TSP180, where we looked back and reminisced about our first 5 years, 2017 to 2022.

TSP180 – PH Factor: The Sill 2017-2022 – Oh, the changes we’ve seen! July 3, 2022 – Five years in, The Sill podcast is turning a corner in more ways than one. For starters, Harry and his family are relocating to the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. In this nostalgic review Peter and Harry recall the beginnings, the evolutionary process, and reflect on their respective personal experience of producing the podcast.

TSP179 – PH Factor: Catch and Release – The Art Of Letting Go– PH Factor: The Directed Imagination – Are we at a tipping point? June 19, 2022 – We are drowning in stuff. In every life there comes a point when unloading stuff is beneficial to one’s well being. When does it become critical to sometimes break attachments, whether they be objects, ideas and/or relationships?

TSP178 – PH Factor: The Directed Imagination – Are we at a tipping point? June 5, 2022 – Are we at a tipping point, and what are the dynamics playing into this moment of human evolution? From social infantilization to the relentless onslaught of dubious information to our obsession with safety first, we have created a scenario fraught with ambiguity, confusion and anxiety.are just two prime examples of seduction we have collectively bought into.

TSP176 – PH Factor: Just Ask Why – Stepping Out Of The Herd May 8, 2022 – The power of persuasion often includes a well crafted and delivered seduction in order to convince another into the need or desire to have whatever is being sold. Speed and convenience, primarily driven by technological advances in the modern world, are just two prime examples of seduction we have collectively bought into.

TSP174 – PH Factor: Seduction For Sale – Instant Coffee’s Gonna Getcha! April 10, 2022 – The power of persuasion often includes a well crafted and delivered seduction in order to convince another into the need or desire to have whatever is being sold. Speed and convenience, primarily driven by technological advances in the modern world, are just two prime examples of seduction we have collectively bought into.

TSP173 – PH Factor: Measured Response – Know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em. March 27, 2022 – In every interaction there is a tipping point or a threshold moment, beyond which it becomes increasingly difficult to stabilize. This tends to hold true for individual relationships or all circumstances where conflict is present. Can focusing on measured responses be a key to de-escalating or defusing potential volatile situations?

TSP171 – PH Factor: Under The Cover Of Darkness – The Light That Guides February 27, 2022 – We have been plunged into a kind of psychological darkness precipitated by the Covid pandemic, slowly transitioning towards a hopefully brighter future. This period has shed light upon our blinded consciousness, as well as offering us opportunities for healing and enlightenment.

TSP169 – PH Factor: The Pandemic Narrative – Word To Your Mother January 30, 2022 – The stories we tell are the stories we live, and the words we use to tell these stories shape what we learn from them. In the time of Covid certain words have become charged and contentious, because their meanings have been altered to support one or another narrative. We zone in on this verbal minefield.

TSP164 – PH Factor: Future Unkown – Us, post Covid. November 21, 2021 – Where are we headed? What will the world, post Covid, look like? From the obvious economic, social, and political changes to the deepening of personal and spiritual awareness, the future though for the most part unknown, is ours to create.

TSP161 – PH Factor: Corroding Connections – Are we heading into a societal meltdown? October 10, 2021 – Perhaps even more important than the physical challenge of Covid-19 is the impact brought on by the increasing divisiveness evident in communities, small and large. Do we have enough energy and goodwill left to avoid the potential for a social Chernobyl?

TSP160 – PH Factor: Where Do I End And You Begin? – My body, your health. September 26, 2021 – Where do my individual rights end, and your public rights begin? The crux of this moral and societal dilemma revolves around agreeing on a satisfactory answer to this question, which may affect the way we understand ‘the common good’ for the foreseeable future.

TSP159 – PH Factor: We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place – Breaking out. September 12, 2021 – Reaching escape velocity, or breaking out of self, requires intention, energy and direction. There are a multitude of options that may help get us there, as many options as there are individuals. Executing the breakout may be difficult, though potentially life-saving.

TSP158 – PH Factor: Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog – What brings you joy? August 29, 2021 – Our quest for joy has taken on a whole different dimension during this time of Covid. A conversation exploring the many possible roads leading to euphoric epiphanies, which will hopefully help to rejuvenate our depleted spirits.of, the Covid crisis.

TSP157 – PH Factor: Citizen Engaged – Challenging the status quo. August 15, 2021 – Co-host Harry Posner shares his motivation and experience from a recent World Freedom rally and march held in Toronto on July 24, 2021. Challenged by co-host Peter Noce to elaborate, the conversation spirals outward to include the many varied layers embedded in, and as a result of, the Covid crisis.

TSP155 – PH factor: Walls of Bias – Blinding Truth July 18, 2021 – We are all biased in one way or another. The question is, are we aware of how biased we are and do we need to do anything about it? This conversation is an attempt to explore and dismantle the walls of bias in pursuit of a better solution.

TSP154 – PH factor: Year 5 Begins – A Fond Retrospective  July 4, 2021 – July 10, 2017, marks the beginning of The Sill’s 5th year. With 154 episodes in the can, the audio journey continues to surprise and captivate the imagination, through the art of conversation. The hosts reminisce about favourite episodes and the story’s behind them, as well as share their personal trajectories over the past 4 years. All Podcast Categories:

TSP151 – PH Factor: Who’s in charge? Who do you trust? May 23, 2021 – Are we experiencing a fundamental failure in leadership during this time of Covid? Just as leaders have been judging their populations willingness to comply, we the people have been assessing their level of competence and integrity. Realizing that leaders have been, and are still facing into what is a no-win situation, it’s important to acknowledge the complexities and the profound challenges facing decision makers at every level of society.

Our approach to dealing with the complexities of the modern world is profoundly affected by our decision to take a conclusionary or inclusionary attitude. From our dealings with Covid to child rearing to friendships and spousal relationships, the choice between inclusion and conclusion can make a ‘world’ of difference and a different world.

Two lockdowns within a year have posed near insurmountable challenges to ‘business as usual’, forcing business owners and entrepreneurs to seek out creative ways of remaining commercially viable. Our conversation includes Tattoo artist and illustrator/author Jayme of Fabled North Tattoo Inc., who shares her broadening perspective in the face of lockdowns imposed due to Covid. Fabled North Tattoo Instagram:

In this year of trials and tribulations, of viruses and lockdowns, the resiliency of people across the planet has been nothing short of inspirational. As we navigate forward, maintaining a positive attitude is proving to be an instrumental coping mechanism. We share our views and those of some our listeners.

The right to free speech is not a given. In this day of ‘unfriending’, it is easy to muzzle our fellow human beings, in order to control the narrative. From censorship on campuses to discouraging your children from, “Speaking until spoken to”, the impulse to deny self expression is a social sickness in need of healing.

This period of Covid-19, has catalyzed the impulse towards personal and societal change. The question is how capable are we, as individuals and members of society, to realize these changes, given the power of traditional thinking and habits?

Is it even possible anymore, that human beings can communicate with each other, directly and authentically, given the pandemic of politicization? The challenge to defy categorization is paramount in our attempt to resist the ‘isms’ that have engulfed us.

Do-it-yourself, on the surface a new fad propelled by the COVID crisis, is in fact an age old go to and accepted MO throughout human history. Using the creation of a DIY audiobook – Peggy Lee’s Delicious Lips – as an example, we talk about the process from A to Z.

During the mother of all crises, another mother is stepping up to give birth to plethora of creative responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not surprising, in light of other historical upheavals, out of which emerged new and unique technologies and approaches to problem solving.

At the time of this podcast, the number of global COVID-19 cases has eclipsed the 1,000,000 mark with over 50,000 deaths. We are confronting an unparalleled firestorm of ethical and moral dilemmas, in the face of mushrooming economic turmoil. Over 3 days, and from a distance, these issues and more, inform a time-lapse dialogue.

The COVID-19 is proving transformational on a level that has not been seen since 911. Could this be a pivotal paradigm shift in the way we treat each other and all life forms on the planet?

We spend an average of 5 years waiting in lines and queues during our lifetime. Is waiting a waste of time, or can we alter our perspective about these (commonly) anxiety-making situations?

The balancing act of our primal instincts versus our domestic existence from children’s stories to the world of cinema, from Paganism to Christianity, the symbol of the wolf has been a central theme, painted in both a positive and negative light.

The impulse to archive has been added and abetted by the exponential advance in recording technologies, which begs the question: What have we sacrificed in pursuit of our never ending desire to preserve memories.

The impulse to archive has been added and abetted by the exponential advance in recording technologies, which begs the question: What have we sacrificed in pursuit of our never ending desire to preserve memories.

TSP105 – PH Factor: Freezing footprints.The impulse to archive has been added and abetted by the exponential advance in recording technologies, which begs the question: What have we sacrificed in pursuit of our never ending desire to preserve memories.

TSP100 – PH Factor: The little ‘cast’ that could!

TSP094 – PH Factor: Notre Dame, the unmaking of history.

TSP090 – PH Factor: What’s up with DST?

TSP085 – Lines That Blind: Why should I trust you?

TSP078 – New Year, New Self: I resolve.

TSP077 – The Sill Podcast 2018 in Review: Cogent clips.

TSP076 – So, You Think You Can Podcast?: You can.

TSP075 – Resistance is Futile: Zoomers tackle tech.

TSP070 – We Don’t Know You Anymore: The deluded self.

TSP066 – The Hippo and The Oxpecker: Repairing the synapses of community.

TSP062 – Whose Got The Right Time?: An enigmatic dimension.

TSP061 – The Absence Of Silence: Is technology engulfing us in a world of noise?

TSP060 – In My Craw: What’s bugging you?

TSP058 – Head and Heart: A tenuous tango.

TSP056 – You Can Lead A Horse To Water: Consumer con contagion.

TSP054 – You Talkin’ To Me?: I’m not sure how to answer that question.

TSP053 – Place Your Bets: Is life predetermined?

TSP052 – 52 Pick-Up: A year of podcasting.

TSP050 – Malware: Pop-up spawns metafiction.

TSP048 – Make It So, Number One: Regaining control of the good ship ‘Self’.

TSP046 – Money, The Root of All Evil?: Is currency the only measure of your wealth?

TSP045 – Blues & Jazz Bops Into Town: 16 years of musical joy.

TSP044 – Welcome To Slumberland: To dream or not to dream.

TSP043 – Machina Memories: Driving stories.

TSP042 – Morality In Flux: Right and wrong in a relative world.

TSP041 – Subterfuge Soup: Who’s pulling your strings?

TSP040 – The Caged Mouth: Do we really have free speech?

TSP039 – My Life Has Value: Rethinking Populism.

TSP038 – Roger, Copy That: Living in the duplicated world.

TSP037 – Inventiveness: So, what else is new?

TSP036 – The More Things Change: What did you learn today?

TSP035 – Riffing On Music: Talking about revolution.

TSP034 – Still I Rise: Yes or no, do you dare?

TSP033 – Fragmented Realities: Has storytelling gone the way of the Dodo?

TSP032 – Do It Yourself Healing: Carrots versus chemicals.

TSP031 – Exit Stage Left: Good leavings.

TSP030 – Who’s That Knocking At The Door: Do you let’em in?

TSP029 – Relevance & Reliance: Reclaiming the invisible everyman.

TSP028 – Hi, My Name Is Servizio: I am your server today.

TSP027 – Shattering Habits: Phoenix rising.

TSP026 – Marriage Of Minds: From I. Q. to A. I.

TSP025 – 2017 In Review: Shock culture goes viral.

TSP024 – Automation: Embracing or displacing?

TSP023 – Work: Is it doing its job?

TSP022 – Averse to Verse: Poetry and the digital self.

TSP021 – Freedom’s just another word: Real or BS?

TSP020 – Black, 2 Sugars: Coffee, tea and tech.

TSP019 – Darkside: Hello darkness my old friend.

TSP018 – Facsmile: Finding authenticity in a simulated world.

TSP017 – Paris: A Poet’s Perspective – Getting Siri-ous in the city of love.

TSP016 – Paranoia: Into your life it will creep.

TSP015 – Accepting The Other: Does race matter?

TSP014 – Altered Realities: Is anybody out there?

TSP013 – Temporary Vs. Permanent: It’s now or ever.

TSP012 – Opinion: The U.S. economy will never have another Golden Age.

TSP011 – Mentors: Your mother is your first.

TSP010 – Act Your Age: Where’s the manual?

TSP009 – Fade To Black: Dealing with death.

TSP008 – Ch-Ch-Changes: Facing the strange.

TSP007 – Red Alert!: Is your security is an illusion?

TSP006 – Cockamamy: Living with absurdity.

TSP005 – Analogue to Digital: Our brain is not binary.

TSP004 – Cracking Codes: What on Earth do you mean?

TSP003 – The Art of Poetry: Poet Laureate waxes poetic.

TSP002 – The Value Crisis: from dollars to democracy, why numbers are ruining our world.

TSP001 – Techno Zeitgeist: Inside the machine.

TSP000 – Intro: Peter & Harry, who do they think they are?

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