The Sill searches the globe to bring you glimpses into lives lived and the cultures that nourish them.

TSP175 – Planetary Postcards: Paul Denhoed – Talking Washi In Tokyo April 24, 2022 It’s rare to find an artisan so dedicated to his craft that he or she would choose to immerse themselves in a culture quite foreign to their own. Currently raising a family in Tokyo, Paul Denhoed continues his steadfast pursuit of knowledge regarding the venerable art of handmade papermaking. Paul shares the challenges and joys of a westerner living in Japanese society. Paul Denhoed on Instagram:

TSP168 – Planetary Postcards: Erato Alakiozidou – Classically Grooving in Greece January 16, 2022 Concert pianist, teacher, and promoter of all things cultural, Erato Alakiozidou shares her love for music, her students and her international family of friends. Born in, and a current resident of, Thessaloniki (Θεσσαλονίκη), Greece, Erato’s lifelong commitment to fostering the arts spans over three decades and continues to inspire a new generation of musicians. Erato Alakiozidou:

TSP162 – Planetary Postcards: Ansgar Bittermann – Brainstorming in Berlin. October 24, 2021 Journey to Berlin through the eyes of an AI developer and psychotherapist. Berlin resident Ansgar Bitterman shares his thoughts and feelings about this highly cosmopolitan city steeped in history and culture that spans millennia. Ansgar Bittermann:

TSP156 – Planetary Postcards: Bongiwe Dlamini – Eswatini in Africa. August 1, 2021 In this episode the hosts shine a light on the tiny Kingdom of Eswatini (the former Swaziland) in Southern Africa. Artist, musician, activist, Bongiwe Dlamini shares her views, both personal and political, on the challenges of growing up and living in one of the few remaining absolute monarchies on the African continent.

TSP153 – Planetary Postcards: Pietro Noce – Bed & Bike in Southern Italy. June 20, 2021 Pietro Noce, first cousin of co-host Peter Noce is the proprietor B & B “La Meridiana” – Bed & Bike in Celico, Calabria. In this first foray into globetrotting, The Sill connects us to the cultural life and realities of living in and running a business in a small southern Italian town.
B & B ” La Meridiana” on Facebook: