For the love of words. The hosts wax poetic about some of the more unique and compelling words in the English language, and those that aren’t yet.

TSP104 – Digging Words: CONSERVATISM – Trapped in amber. The nature of conservatism is more complicated than current polarized thinking would suggest. From its political beginnings after the French Revolution to populist America and Britain, the impulse to remain true to inherited tradition is both a stabilizing force and one prone to ossification.

TSP097 – Digging Words: PORTMANTEAU – Two’s company.Packing more into less is the basis for the creation of portmanteau words. From motel to hazmet to liger and beyond, these linguistically blended words, pro or con, have become part of our lexicon.

TSP092 – Digging Words: BUT – Au Contraire.One of the unsung workhorses of the English language, the word ‘but’ is frequently overused. ‘But’, this seemingly insignificant three letter word packs a whole lot of punch.

TSP087 – Digging Words: SYMBIOSIS – You scratch my back…From the simple notion of mutual dependence the idea of symbiosis has expanded to include a variety of relationship dynamics, that surrounds us at every turn. Running the gamut from parasitism to mutualism, symbiosis encompasses more than the obvious benevolence.

TSP082 – Digging Words: BRAGGADOCIO – Bigger, yet often smaller, than life.

TSP073 – Digging Words: AMBEDO – Deep diving in the shallows.

TSP068 – Digging Words: RISIBLE – I amuse you, I make you laugh?

TSP063 – Digging Words: ZEITGEIST – The air we breath.

TSP059 – Digging Words: UBIQUITOUS – It’s everywhere.