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Digging Words Series

For the love of words. The hosts wax poetic about some of the more unique and compelling words in the English language, and those that aren’t yet.

PH Factor Series

Hosts Peter and Harry converse on all things techno-artistic. Everything in the world is fair game, from the nature of Time to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Planetary Postcards

The Sill searches the globe to bring you glimpses into lives lived and the cultures that nourish them.

The Undefinable Spirit Series

Meet unique spirits, people with angles, and creative juice to spare. Adventurers, musicians, and all walks of life are represented.

Time Trek Series

Unpack a ‘moment’ in time with Peter and Harry. How does what we’ve created in the past reverberate into the present and future?

Transcendent Tunes Series

From Al Jolson to Jimmy Paige, the world is a treasure trove of powerful and transformative music. Peter and Harry explore some of the most influential and relevant musical tunes ever created.


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