TSP045 – Blues & Jazz Bops Into Town: 16 years of musical joy.

00:00 / 18:22

Harry and I talk with Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival founder Larry Kurtz

Duration – 18:22

VoxBox Segment: Miles Davis, Buddy gut, BB King & Etta james

Music Credit: John Scofield – I Don’t Need No Doctor

TSP044 – Welcome To Slumberland: To dream or not to dream.

00:00 / 26:59

Given that we sleep away about a third of our lives, it behooves us to explore that world in a deeper way.

Duration – 26:59

VoxBox Segment: The Twilight Zone snippets

Music Credit: Gary Wright – Dreamweaver

TSP043 – Machina Memories: Driving stories.

00:00 / 24:58

From Benz and Ford to Telsa and trending technologies. The personal joys and tribulations of putting the pedal to medal.

Duration – 24:59

VoxBox Segment: The Driving Instructor segment – Bob Newhart

Music Credit: Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz and Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

TSP042 – Morality In Flux: Right and wrong in a relative world.

00:00 / 24:46

Is it even relevant to think of right and wrong in the same way that we used to, and what does that mean for our daily lives?

Duration – 24:46

VoxBox Segment: Will Lisa Lie And Make Springfield Elementary School Rich? – The Simpsons

Music Credit: Ike & Tina Turner – The Things That I Used To Do and Millie Jackson – (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right

TSP041 – Subterfuge Soup: Who’s pulling your strings?

00:00 / 25:38

Conspiracies, large and small, infuse the very air we breath. Is our desire to belong and connect influencing our beliefs and choices?

Duration – 25:38

VoxBox Segment: George Carlin interviewed by Art Bell in 1999

Music Credit: James & Bobby Purify – I’m Your Puppet

TSP040 – The Caged Mouth: Do we really have free speech?

00:00 / 21:57

From the personal to the social, to the political, how encumbered is free speech in today’s world?

Duration – 21:57

VoxBox Segment: Diane Ford on Men & Women

Music Credits: Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – I Won’t Back Down

TSP039 – My Life Has Value: Rethinking Populism.

00:00 / 25:28

Examining the relevance of populism in our current world and the challenge confronting the new generation.

Duration – 25:29

VoxBox Segment: Movie Clip from ’Network’ – delivered by actor Peter Finch as Howard Beale

Music Credit: Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People and Parachute Club – Rise Up

TSP038 – Roger, Copy That: Living in the duplicated world.

00:00 / 22:19

Individualism in the context of the duplicated world. The one and the many.

Duration – 22:19

VoxBox Segment: Movie Clip from ‘Goodfellas’ – Martin Scorsese

Music Credit: The Doors – Love Me Two Times

TSP037 – Inventiveness: So, what else is new?

00:00 / 27:18

In search of the next. Probing the creative imagination and what fosters it’s development.

Duration – 27:18

VoxBox Segment: Larry Kurtz – founder of the Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival

Music Credit: Rodger Hodgson (formerly of Supertramp) – Dreamer

TSP036 – The More Things Change: What did you learn today?

00:00 / 28:35

How we learn. Are the old educational models relevant today?

Duration – 28:43

Music Credits: Chuck Berry, Lulu, Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes.