Hosts Peter and Harry converse on all these techno-artistic. Everything in the world is fair game, from the nature of Time to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

TSP105 – PH Factor: Freezing footprints.The impulse to archive has been added and abetted by the exponential advance in recording technologies, which begs the question: What have we sacrificed in pursuit of our never ending desire to preserve memories.

TSP100 – PH Factor: The little ‘cast’ that could!

TSP094 – PH Factor: Notre Dame, the unmaking of history.

TSP090 – PH Factor: What’s up with DST?

TSP085 – Lines That Blind: Why should I trust you?

TSP078 – New Year, New Self: I resolve.*

TSP077 – The Sill Podcast 2018 in Review: Cogent clips.

TSP076 – So, You Think You Can Podcast?: You can.

TSP075 – Resistance is Futile: Zoomers tackle tech.

TSP070 – We Don’t Know You Anymore: The deluded self.

TSP066 – The Hippo and The Oxpecker: Repairing the synapses of community.

TSP062 – Whose Got The Right Time?: An enigmatic dimension.

TSP061 – The Absence Of Silence: Is technology engulfing us in a world of noise?

TSP060 – In My Craw: What’s bugging you?

TSP058 – Head and Heart: A tenuous tango.

TSP056 – You Can Lead A Horse To Water: Consumer con contagion.

TSP054 – You Talkin’ To Me?: I’m not sure how to answer that question.

TSP053 – Place Your Bets: Is life predetermined?

TSP052 – 52 Pick-Up: A year of podcasting.

TSP050 – Malware: Pop-up spawns metafiction.

TSP048 – Make It So, Number One: Regaining control of the good ship ‘Self’.

TSP046 – Money, The Root of All Evil?: Is currency the only measure of your wealth?

TSP045 – Blues & Jazz Bops Into Town: 16 years of musical joy.

TSP044 – Welcome To Slumberland: To dream or not to dream.

TSP043 – Machina Memories: Driving stories.

TSP042 – Morality In Flux: Right and wrong in a relative world.

TSP041 – Subterfuge Soup: Who’s pulling your strings?

TSP040 – The Caged Mouth: Do we really have free speech?

TSP039 – My Life Has Value: Rethinking Populism.

TSP038 – Roger, Copy That: Living in the duplicated world.

TSP037 – Inventiveness: So, what else is new?

TSP036 – The More Things Change: What did you learn today?

TSP035 – Riffing On Music: Talking about revolution.

TSP034 – Still I Rise: Yes or no, do you dare?

TSP033 – Fragmented Realities: Has storytelling gone the way of the Dodo?

TSP032 – Do It Yourself Healing: Carrots versus chemicals.

TSP031 – Exit Stage Left: Good leavings.

TSP030 – Who’s That Knocking At The Door: Do you let’em in?

TSP029 – Relevance & Reliance: Reclaiming the invisible everyman.

TSP028 – Hi, My Name Is Servizio: I am your server today.

TSP027 – Shattering Habits: Phoenix rising.

TSP026 – Marriage Of Minds: From I. Q. to A. I.

TSP025 – 2017 In Review: Shock culture goes viral.

TSP024 – Automation: Embracing or displacing?

TSP023 – Work: Is it doing its job?

TSP022 – Averse to Verse: Poetry and the digital self.

TSP021 – Freedom’s just another word: Real or BS?

TSP020 – Black, 2 Sugars: Coffee, tea and tech.

TSP019 – Darkside: Hello darkness my old friend.

TSP018 – Facsmile: Finding authenticity in a simulated world.

TSP017 – Paris: A Poet’s Perspective – Getting Siri-ous in the city of love.

TSP016 – Paranoia: Into your life it will creep.

TSP015 – Accepting The Other: Does race matter?

TSP014 – Altered Realities: Is anybody out there?

TSP013 – Temporary Vs. Permanent: It’s now or ever.

TSP012 – Opinion: The U.S. economy will never have another Golden Age.

TSP011 – Mentors: Your mother is your first.

TSP010 – Act Your Age: Where’s the manual?

TSP009 – Fade To Black: Dealing with death.

TSP008 – Ch-Ch-Changes: Facing the strange.

TSP007 – Red Alert!: Is your security is an illusion?

TSP006 – Cockamamy: Living with absurdity.

TSP005 – Analogue to Digital: Our brain is not binary.

TSP004 – Cracking Codes: What on Earth do you mean?

TSP003 – The Art of Poetry: Poet Laureate waxes poetic.

TSP002 – The Value Crisis: from dollars to democracy, why numbers are ruining our world.

TSP001 – Techno Zeitgeist: Inside the machine.

TSP000 – Intro: Peter & Harry, who do they think they are?

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