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TSP179 - PH Factor: Catch and Release - The Art Of Letting Go

TSP179 – PH Factor: Catch and Release – The Art Of Letting Go. We are drowning in stuff. In every life there comes a point when unloading stuff is beneficial to one’s well being. When does it become critical to sometimes break attachments, whether they be objects, ideas and/or relationships?


Credit: George Carlin talks about ’Stuff’ on YouTube

Posted: June 19, 2022

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2 comments on “TSP179 – PH Factor: Catch and Release – The Art Of Letting Go

  1. Patricia James Jun 20, 2022

    Thank you Peter – thank you, guys for a splendid podcast this morning. On stuff and letting go. This podcast has been extremely helpful for me to day.
    I have kept all your podcasts, sometimes not found the time to listen – but have never negated them. And they are still on my system.
    I do hope you will continue in the future – you are both so interesting and the free speaking – the relationship between you – is to my mind exceptional.
    I am personally having to sort emotional stuff out at the moment as I am nearing the end of my life and – it’s hard ! Don’t exactly know why it seems harder than it’s ever been. And I am not, as far as I know, nearing my immediate death but I am aware of my age and hopeful of my future – but at the same time understanding that the time left to me is …… decidedly less!
    After being a mother to 6 children – one daughter and five sons – and have been a single mum for most of the time – I am happy to know that they have all founded their own families and have moved on. I’m 82 now and on my own – and looking towards my next step in my ‘future plans’ and downsizing and clearing my stuff – my clutter – passed on all relevant personal data to the families involved and convinced myself that I have done all I could to ‘set myself free’. Large families can have detrimental effects more often than not and sadly I have often been in the thrux – never being able to have the opportunity to close, in my head, any objective that came towards me – I have been an open book for so long and that has been and still is a deeply emotional drain which I am trying to overcome. Your podcast today really has been enlightening, Peter.
    For a long time now I have hastened to find out ‘who I am’ personally. And I can see and feel the difference already but always – I have to keep reminding myself that ‘I CAN DO IT ‘. I can leave them all – and know that they are safe and they, long ago, set up their own lifestyle ahead.
    Being born with a sense of humour is the most beneficial gift that I was given somehow as a child and retaining it is a priority now.
    Hoping to visit Mary and Gary in Ontario before long. This year, hopefully, but with travel restrictions causing chaos here in UK at the moment is an added hiccup ! Remember meeting you there at their home and you helping me out with my iPad . Some years ago.
    Thank you so much again for this weekend podcast – just appeared at the right time. I have moved my space within the circle of life – albeit it just a step so that I have a different picture ahead of me.

    • Peter Jun 21, 2022

      Thank you Patricia, Harry and I really appreciate your kind words and broader feedback and we’ll continue to do our best to inform, entertain and hopefully broaden perspectives.