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TSP166 - PH Factor: Lay Of The Land - Redefining The Pandemic

TSP166 – PH Factor: Lay Of The Land – Redefining The Pandemic Assessing where we are now, globally, relative to the pandemic, goes beyond the evolution of the Covid virus. We are now seeing pandemics of individual and social dis-ease, from increasing tribalism to intimations of potential violence to fear-based compliance. Where are we headed?

Duration – 38:59

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Posted: December 19, 2021

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2 comments on “TSP166 – PH Factor: Lay Of The Land – Redefining The Pandemic

  1. Ed Kampen Dec 19, 2021

    Great podcast! These points of conversation have been held in our home for the last year. The lay of the land has been changing so fast it’s so hard to navigate life. It’s great to recognize that the lay of the land is changing. The next question would be “How do we navigate on this new land?”

  2. Pietro Noce Dec 19, 2021

    Totally agree with this analysis of the Covid situation. Can tell you that in Italy we are divided perfectly at the same way.
    Possiamo solo immaginare quale sia il vero obiettivo di questa pseudo pandemia, ma se lo dico mi danno dello “stolto”.
    Speranze? Sì. La Speranza è che Dio intervenga al più presto per aprire la mente e il cuore di tutti, a cominciare da quelli che, dopo la seconda dose di “vaccino” incomincino a dire “NO MORE”!
    La violenza è quello che cercano per istaurare una dittatura militare. La migliore resistenza è quella pacifica. Qui in Italia è iniziata:
    1- Take money every day from your bank
    2- Buy cash in the small stores even if the prices are less competitive compared to the great industrial groupes that are functional with the elites
    3- Don’t go to work and don’t accept the inoculation
    4- Go only to the restaurants and bars that don’t want to control the Green Pass, risking a fine that will be contested (people that want to fight) or orgazine 8n the houses beat moments of launches and breakfast.
    5- Don’t buy any gasoline for the car (if possible), and keep walking or going by bycicle.
    6- Don’t buy cigarettes or reduce, or stop smoking (I reduced smoke for 50%).
    7- Meditation, prayers, and keep staying with the people you love.
    8- Shut off TV and try to convince 3 o 4 families to follow this suggestion.
    9- Don’t buy from Amazon the presents for this Christmas, buy only lillyle things from the small craftsmen, CASH.
    10- Never use the credit cards.
    At the end, do whatever that can starve the power…
    We started 11th december, and, for the moment (only for the moment) do it until the first January 2022.
    Love, Pietro