TSP132 – Time Trek: Pasteurization – Don’t cry over ‘spoilt’ milk.

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The invisible universe of the biome became more visible through the work of many 19th century scientific researchers. One of the preeminent adventurers into the microbial world, Louis Pasteur unveiled the essential role micro-organisms play in the healthy functioning of our ecosystems. Famous for the process of pasteurization, Pasteur was also instrumental in breaking new ground in the vaccine and hygiene domains.

Duration – 35:52

Includes: YouTube excerpts with comic Orny Adams – ‘I Was Raised on Germs’ & comic George Carlin – ‘Fear of Germs’

TSP131 – The Undefinable Spirit: Janet-Lynn Morrison – From 0 to fierce.

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If there was ever an example of how a world view can impact one’s life, Janet-Lynn Morrison is one. Understanding, forgiveness and resiliency resonate throughout our phone conversation with this intelligent and caring soul. Her story of moving ‘from 0 to fierce’ is compelling and inspirational. Janet-Lynn Morrison: https://www.janet-lynn.com

Duration – 45:22

TSP 130 – PH Factor: Every Breath You Take – The body politic.

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Is it even possible anymore, that human beings can communicate with each other, directly and authentically, given the pandemic of politicization? The challenge to defy categorization is paramount in our attempt to resist the ‘isms’ that have engulfed us.

Duration – 48:52

Two additional YouTube segments featuring Esther Perel on ‘The communication error we all make, and how it intensifies conflict’