TSP127 – PH Factor: It’s A DIY World – Peggy Lee’s Delicious Lips.

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Do-it-yourself, on the surface a new fad propelled by the COVID crisis, is in fact an age old go to and accepted MO throughout human history. Using the creation of a DIY audiobook – Peggy Lee’s Delicious Lips – as an example, we talk about the process from A to Z.

Duration – 34:25

Segment with author Harry Posner narrating a section from his newly released audiobook, Peggy Lee’s Delicious Lips

TSP126 – The Undefinable Spirit: Dr. Claudia Six returns to talk about relationships and sex during COVID-19.

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In our second interview with Dr. Six we explore changes to relationships in the face of a global pandemic. Surprisingly, when it comes to the world of our primal instincts, our sexual life has remained for the most part remained unchanged during this period of personal and social upheaval. Claudia Six: http://www.drsix.net

Duration – 27:12