TSP118 – PH Factor: Hurry up and wait.

00:00 / 33:11

We spend an average of 5 years waiting in lines and queues during our lifetime. Is waiting a waste of time, or can we alter our perspective about these (commonly) anxiety-making situations?

Duration – 33:11

VoxBox: Harry Posner – “Wait for it.”

TSP117 – Time Trek: Paradise or infogedden?

00:00 / 36:49

An exploration into the evolution of information gathering, its historical milestones, including moral and ethical implications for the human condition. From Tesla to Touring and beyond, does the expanding data highway offer us more unprecedented challenges than benefits?

Duration – 36:49

VoxBox: You Tube excerpts from 1970 – IBM Vintage Computers Promo Film – Historical Data Processing and The Myths of Big Data/Science Comedian Vince Ebert