TSP116 – The Undefinable Spirit: Richard Mongiat and the big picture.

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On the heels of our previous podcast, between dog and wolf, inspired by a painting of the same name, the hosts discuss all things art with painter Richard Mongiat, whose focus and range of activities, elevates him beyond the typical one note artist. Richard Mongiat: https://www.richardmongiat.com

Duration – 40:47

VoxBox: CBC digital archives – Excerpt from ‘Gallery patrons shocked by Prent sculptures’ – Broadcast March 12, 1973

TSP115 – PH Factor: Between dog and wolf.

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The balancing act of our primal instincts versus our domestic existence from children’s stories to the world of cinema, from Paganism to Christianity, the symbol of the wolf has been a central theme, painted in both a positive and negative light.

Duration – 22:26

VoxBox: Audiobook excerpt from White Fang, by Jack London – DBS Audio Books