TSP114 – Time Trek: Inside The Pod – Where to, from here?

00:00 / 26:29

A look at the future of podcasting and its relevance as just another media platform, among many that have been or will be absorbed by the ‘big boys’. The hosts, Peter and Harry, discuss the joys, challenges and purpose of the Sill podcast and its ‘limitless’ possibilities.

Duration – 26:28

Opening Segment: Beau York on Ted Talks – The Power of Podcasting

VoxBox: Excerpt from The BBC Academy Podcast – Podcastology episode six: Future directions

TSP113 – PH Factor: Hunger Reigns – Feast, famine and faith.

00:00 / 28:50

Nearly a billion people in the world experience hunger, while nearly a billion are obese. Like many challenges confronting society in today’s world the issue is not availability, it is excessive waste and distribution. Our collective hunger and survival is not limited to food. From fasting to spiritual searching, and everything in between, our quest for ‘nourishment’ comes in many forms.

Duration – 28:50

Included Segment: Harry Posner recites his poem ‘We Of The Full’