TSP112 – Transcendent Tunes: Harry Chapin’s shot to the heart.

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Harry Chapin left us too soon, but he left us with compelling stories reflecting the era he lived in. Although not one of his most well known hits, Sniper, is perhaps his most eloquent, timeless comment on humankind’s fragile psyche.

Duration – 29:43

VoxBox: YouTube – Harry Chapin questions and answers (Soundstage)

Music Credit: Harry Chapin – Sniper & Cats In The Cradle.

TSP111 – Time Trek: Sapien Signatures – Traces of us.

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Kilroy was here. The urge to leave our stamp on history seems to be inherent to the nature of homo sapiens. Stepping into the past at a local museum, provides the hosts a context for examining our obsession with legacy.

Museum of Dufferin (MOD): https://dufferinmuseum.com

Duration – 38:10

VoxBox: YouTube PBS interview on ‘Internet history is fragile. This archive is making sure it doesn’t disappear’

Music Credit: Al Stewart – Time Passages