TSP110 – PH Factor: Branding – Look at me, I’m relevant.

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From the personal to the political, from products to corporate identity, the rise of branding as a way of creating and maintaining relevance is understandable in a world that encourages hubris.

Duration – 23:46

VoxBox: YouTube interview with Yuval Harari

Music Credit: k. d. Lang – Constant Craving

TSP109 – Transcendent Tunes: Non, Je Ne Regret Rien – The little sparrow’s anthem.

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No other singer has as powerfully embodied their music as did Edith Piaf. Rising from her hard scrabbled life, spanning two world wars, she sang her way to international stardom, until her untimely death at 47.

Duration – 26:32

VoxBox: YouTube interview on Je Ne Regret Rien

Music Credit: Edith Piaf – Je Ne Regret Rien