TSP029 – Relevance & Reliance: Reclaiming the invisible everyman.

00:00 / 26:19

Relevance in the age of reliance and what it means to unshackling the self.

Duration – 26:19

Voxbox: Dolores Hind

Music Credit: Beatles – Across The Universe

TSP028 – Hi, My Name Is Servizio: I am your server today.

00:00 /

Service from the top down. It’s all about relationships, generosity and community, so say we.

Duration – 25:07

VoxBox: Pierre LeClaire

Music Credit: Etta James – Gotta Serve Somebody

TSP027 – Shattering Habits: Phoenix rising.

00:00 / 25:58

Habits are not addictions, so say the experts. In fact some habits are good. Discerning helpful from harmful, and getting off the never ending wheel.

Duration – 25:58

Music Credit: Joni Mitchell – The Circle Game

TSP026 – Marriage Of Minds: From I. Q. to A. I.

00:00 / 24.43

Will the ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence impede the evolution of human consciousness? Can we imbue technological form with human intelligence, and to what end?

Duration – 24:43

Music Credit: Sinead O’Connor (by John Lennon) – Mind Games

TSP025 – 2017 In Review: Shock culture goes viral.

00:00 / 25:55

Is shock the new normal? Are we accepting the unacceptable? From Donald Trump’s inauguration to Harvey Weinstein’s exposure, we explore the quakes and vibrations felt in 2017.

Duration – 25:25

Music Credit: Jimi Hendrix – Along The Watchtower