TSP024 – Automation: Embracing or displacing?

00:00 / 22:45

Automation’s impact on our everyday life. A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Duration – 22:45

Music Credit: Flight Of The Conchords – Robots

TSP023 – Work: Is it doing its job?

00:00 / 24:39

From the industrial revolution to the digital revolution, a conversation about the nature of work in the modern world.

Duration – 24:44

Music Credit: Lee Dorsey – Working In The Coal Mine

TSP022 – Averse to Verse: Poetry and the digital self.

00:00 / 24:46

The case for poetry’s relevance in the age of the Internet. How poetry can revitalize and rejuvenate the human spirit.

Duration – 24:46

Music Credit: Phoebe Snow – Poetry Man

TSP021 – Freedom’s just another word: Real or BS?

00:00 / 23:02

Unpacking the idea of freedom in a world seemingly bound by restrictions and limitations. Breaking the shackles.

Explicit Content

Duration – 23:08

Music Credit: Janis Joplin – Me And Bobby McGee