TSP020 – Black, 2 Sugars: Coffee, tea and tech.

00:00 / 23:43

Exploring the role of tea and coffee in our daily lives and their relative importance to our sense of community and personal rituals. The makings of good tea and coffee.

Duration – 23:43

Music Credit: YouTube – I Love Coffee, I Love Tea

TSP019 – Darkside: Hello darkness my old friend.

00:00 / 24:35

Exploring the power of darkness in the modern world, from depression to zombies and everything in between.

Duration – 24:35

Music Credit: Disturbed (Simon & Garfunkel original) – Sound Of Silence

TSP018 – Facsmile: Finding authenticity in a simulated world.

00:00 / 20:27

Is it live or is it Memorex? Sifting through a world of facsimile in a quest for authenticity.

Duration – 20:27

Music Credit: Ella Fitzgerald singing behind, is it live or is it Memorex?

TSP017 – Paris: A Poet’s Perspective – getting Siri-ous in the city of love.

00:00 / 21:59

Talking about the ‘apps’ and downs of travel. How technology has impacted traveling and the artistic experience.

Duration – 21:59

Music Credit: Dean Martin – C’est Magnifique