TSP016 – Paranoia: Into your life it will creep.

00:00 / 21:15

Harry and Peter conspire to enter the world of ‘what if’ and ‘could it be that…?’ From Big Brother to Big Google, they ask the question: should we be looking over our shoulders?

Duration – 21:15

Music Credit: Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth

TSP015 – Accepting The Other: Does race matter?

00:00 / 23:29

What shapes our varied perceptions of ‘Races’ who are different from ours? Should we be focusing on individuals, rather than their ’Race’.

Duration – 23:29

Music Credit: Bob Marley – Buffalo Soldier

TSP014 – Altered Realities: Is anybody out there?

00:00 / 23:48

Peter and Harry, on a natural high, discuss the value of wriggling out of our normal skin.

Duration – 23:48

Music Credit: Beatles – I Am The Walrus

TSP013 – Temporary Vs. Permanent: It’s now or ever.

00:00 / 19:49

The influence your life experiences, religious and cultural background and philosophical views have on how you choose to live, or the life you end up living. Do you live your life as if every day were your last?

Duration – 19:54

Music Credit: Beatles – In My Life

TSP012 – Opinion: The U.S. economy will never have another Golden Age.

00:00 / 12:57

This episode is based on a published article… Changing technologies impact societal and economic development. This podcast gives voice to an article written by MarketWatch columnist, Howard R. Gold, posted on MarketWatch, September 1, 2017.

Duration – 12:57

Credits: Includes segments of YouTube documentary snippets