TSP011 – Mentors: Your mother is your first.

00:00 / 16:06

Who, or what, can influence your creation or vital spirit? Recalling those special people who help shape or completely change the path of your life.

Duration – 16:06

Music Credit: Artist? – Thank You For The Things That You Do For Me

TSP010 – Act Your Age: Where’s the manual?

00:00 / 23:24

Ageism is the new social prejudice, at a time when people over 65 crowd are beginning to outnumber those under 15. Coping with the disadvantages of aging, while cherishing the advantages a long life can bring.

Duration – 23:24

Music Credit: The Who – My Generation

TSP009 – Fade To Black: Dealing with death.

00:00 / 21:55

Dealing with the inevitable conclusion of life, as we know it. Is there a case to be made for living too long?

Duration – 22:01

Music Credit: Paul McCartney & Wings – Live and Let Die

TSP008 – Ch-Ch-Changes: Facing the strange.

00:00 / 24:13

Can we adapt to a world seemingly hurtling out of control? The quest for change.

Duration – 24:13

Music Credit: David Bowie – Changes