TSP007 – Red Alert!: Is your security is an illusion?

00:00 / 18:05

Is the world more secure or have we simply become increasingly numb to, complacent or accepting, about what most of us feel we can’t control?

Duration 18:09

TSP006 – Cockamamy: Living with absurdity.

00:00 / 18:51

Has technology contributed and exacerbated the absurdity we experience, or are exposed to, in our daily living?

Duration 18:56

TSP005 – Analogue to Digital: Our brain is not binary.

00:00 / 18:36

Do you prefer listening to vinyl records or CDs, or does it matter? Digital technology and its affect on the quality of our lives.

Duration 18:41

TSP004 – Cracking Codes: What on Earth do you mean?

00:00 / 15:53

Decoding the language of Art & Technology.

Duration 15:51